Response to employee post

This is in response to the so-called employee blog. You have no idea what you are talking about. I really doubt you still work here. With an attitude like that, you would have been terminated a long time ago. Before you post inaccurate information and hide your identity, get your facts correct. Every employee that works here has the proper identification paperwork, no one is ever paid under the table. If we hire contract labor one or two times a year, by law we are leagal to do so. As far as waiting before you work, what do landscapers, construction workers, sporting instructers etc. do when it rains? Find me one business that relys on dry weather that will let the staff stay on the clock when they are closed? That would be a great way to go out of business. Finaly, damage to vehicle does exist in this business. We design the car wash TO NOT DAMAGE VEHICLES. If a vehicle is damaged here and there is even the slightest chance it may have been caused by the wash, we take responsibility for it. Unfortunately, there are a lot of pre-existing damage to vehicles that should be noticed by our supervisors and management. That being said, we are not responsible for most of the things that happen. If a car 10 years old comes through the wash and the antena breaks off, we are not resposible for fixing or replacing it. Much like the human body, a 20 year old falls down gets a bruise. A 70 year old falls down they break a hip. Cars are the same way. We do our absolute best to inspect each vehicle for pre-existing damage, accessories, and other non factory items. But, don’t come though our car wash with a scrape on the side of your vehicle that has red paint on it. I won’t do a thing about it, There is nothing red on our property. And that my friend is the reality of it. Some people come through the car wash immediately after breaking off their side mirror. They tape it on, come through the wash and demand that we pay for it. Good luck to you in your future employment. I am sure they will treat you as you treat them.

Mike Weaver


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