Waterfalls Auto Spa

Waterfalls Auto Spa’s Response to Jacob’s Blog

In response to Jacob Ackerman, Director of IT, caterease(tm). I am Michael Weaver, General Manager of Waterfalls Auto Spa – Pine Ridge location here in Naples, Florida. I can be reached at 239-530-0006 ext. 106. If I am not available, please leave a message and I will return your call as soon as possible.

I and the other managers can get a hold of the owner whenever we need to. Al is very much a part of everyday operations at both locations. Whether it be the owner, a manager, myself or any member of our staff or any other businesses staff, when you go on vacation you respect their time off. This was NOT an emergency Jacob. I assume that the owner of your company pays you to handle problems to a certain level. If you have that low of respect that you can’t handle small situations and have the need to bother your owner while on vacation on something trivial as this, you and the company you work for needs help.

This is what our Peach does for us Jacob:

He employs over 100 people. We work and we get paid. He makes sure that we have vacations for our hard work. He allows each and every worker to spend quality time with family as needed. He will adjust work schedules to accommodate unforeseen personal matters. He does background and drug screening on all employees to ensure we have the highest most qualified employees working here. Our owner is involved with absolutely every aspect of each location. He is here nearly every day and is always promoting on-going training for each member of the management team. He is sensitive to his employees needs as well as his customers needs. He works and pays his taxes and abides by the law. He hands out bonuses, cash advances to those in need. He closes his business so the staff can celebrate holidays with family and friends. He invests in his businesses so it looks sharp and so the staff has state of the art equipment to use.

You are right. he is a peach. he is our boss and that is why we have continued to work for him for over 8 + years.

I work hard everyday to represent Al and his businesses in the most positive and customer driven way possible. You should try and do the same for your company.