Waterfalls Auto Spa

Waterfalls Auto Spa’s Response 2 for Jacob’s Blog

This is in response to Jacob Ackerman, Director of IT, caterease.

I am Mike Weaver, General manager of Waterfalls Auto Spa Pine Ridge location here in Naples, FL.  I can be reached at 239-530-0006 ext. 106.  If I am not available, please leave your name and number so I can return your call as soon as possible.

In response to Jacob’s accusations, I can honestly say that it is not true.  Waterfalls Auto Spa DID NOT do any damage what so ever to Jacob’s vehicle.  Our detailers have worked here for several years and absolutely did not use any type of machine (buffing) on that part of the vehicle.  Not because it would take off the graphics (which it will not do anyway), but because getting wax off the graphics or the possibility of leaving swirl marks.  There were NO swirl marks on any part of the graphics of this car.  You could however see the fading and spotting that has begun to take place due to the Florida elements.  The car is 4 years old, this will happen.  There is a lifespan for graphics and it is not a lifetime warranty.

I would like to let everyone know that I have signed statements by our customers that were here that day who witnessed Jacob’s childish, aggressive and unsafe behavior.  Squealing out of the parking lot and fishtailing around every corner nearly hitting the building, our workers, and our customers.

You do have a nice car jacob and I can tell that you take care of it.  I applaud you for that.  But it is downright against the law to make a fraudulent claim.  The slight peeling that is taking place  on your hood graphics was there long before you brought your car to our shop.

As far as the anonymous comments to your blog.  I am pretty sure I know who wrote that.  If you can’t attach or associate your name with your post, there is absolutely no merit to any of it.  There is a lot more to be said regarding those comments, but I won’t be so unprofessional.  A lot of damaging comments with proof can be made that I am SURE you would not want on the web for all to see.

Finally, Our owner Al is involved with every aspect of both our locations.  We are in constant contact with him throughout each and every day.  When he goes on vacation, or ANYONE  for that matter, they are on vacation.  I HAVE enough respect to know when on vacation a call should be an emergency (The place burned down, someone was hurt or injured)  This hardly calls for an emergency.  This guy accuses us of peeling the stickers off his car.  Come on.

Al the owner pays his managers to run his stores.  I can’t think of a single business that hires managers that would do or expect anything different.  Jacob, you could learn something from this.  If your Boss or Owner is on vacation, let him enjoy his time off.  If your system crashed, the place burned down or something like that.  You better call him.  Otherwise, he pays you to take care of everything else.

Good luck in the future Jacob.  BTW I do not expect you back here anytime soon.  Our work is much safer without some childish driver behind the wheel.